Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time of day to book?

Morning! Afternoons we can definitely find great snorkeling but it can get a bit bumpy to wakesurf at times.

How long should I book?

We usually recommend at least ½ hour per person for wake surfing. So a group of 6 should book at least 3 hours. For snorkeling it’s really up to you, we are limited in how far we can go by the time limit but with that being said we can get you a great one spot snorkel in 2 hours. I really like the 4 hour snorkel trip because it really allows for multiple spots and doesn’t feel rushed at all.  

Can I bring food and or drinks?

Yes, we provide water sodas and a cooler, if you don’t make a mess bring whatever you would like.  I can’t pretend to know what everyone likes or is allergic to etc so some days people bring sandwiches and snacks the next brings sushi and blended smoothies. We also discourage glassware. 

What else should I bring and or wear?

Wear: Sunglasses, hat, swimwear, sunscreen, sandals

Bring: Snacks and drinks, towels, cameras (go pros phones etc) cash for gratuity.

Where do we snorkel?

Best place for the conditions every day is a little different but your captain will look at what mother nature has provided on your day and make the best choice for the day we have. The fun thing about our snorkel trips is we can go to all the same places the other guys provide but you don’t have to wait in lines, we can stay or leave when you want to and also get to places faster.

What happens if it's too rough?

Every day is different and the weather can definitely be a challenge. If safety is at all an issue we pull the plug and go home or usually call before the trip and ask about another day. The great thing is we have warm waters and sunny skies almost all year round. If it’s too bumpy to surf we can show you snorkeling or whales and the beauty that is Maui. You are renting the boat and all the toys we will do the very best to make you happy.

Do you guys accept tips?

Yes of course just like any service industry boat captains and crew rely on gratuities to get them through bad weather stretches and slow seasons. But if the service isn’t good don’t tip. We are always working to make your day better!