Aloha and Welcome to Wake Maui!

We’re Stoked you found us! Vacationing on Maui and looking to avoid the crowds? Look no further. On our private charters, we bring out only you and the friends and family you bring! (6 passenger Max)

In the warm friendly waters surrounding Maui, we are blessed to have some of the most amazing wildlife views and sunshine – and we want to share it with you! Since 2008, our private ocean excursions have elevated Maui visits for everyone, from honeymooners to the whole family. Whether you’re a wakesurfing pro, snorkeler, or just looking to relax on our brand new MB B52 23 Alpha or Ski Supreme V232 with Captain Ryan, we’re sure to be a highlight of your time on island!

With so many Maui vacation activities out there, it can be hard to pick Maui’s best activities for your vacation. Wake Maui has earned its reputation as one of the very best activities in Ka’anapali and Maui as a whole, so the choice is easy.

As far as Maui Charter boats go, Wake Maui is unique. We have combined the thrill of wakesurfing, tubing, and snorkeling with the comfort of a private charter! Best part?! We do it all for about the same price as the other guys!